"Fear Not" ("No Tengáis Miedo"), is the musical that traces the life of Karol Wojtyla, our beloved Blessed John Paul II. With a live band, this moving performance focuses on Karol Wojtyla's life since his brother leaves to college until his inauguration as the first Polish Pope, telling us about his love for his family, friends, and his passion for theater. Other issues addressed in the play are the concerns about the Second War World and his peaceful approach to it, his years as a college professor and the close relationship with his students, and finally, his election to Pope.

The musical, especially addressed to the youth, was written by journalist Águeda Lucas, and its lively and melodic music was composed by a few people, and among them, Julián Huete, Águeda Lucas, José Antonio Fernández, Miguel Á. Caballero, Juan F. Morán, María Valverde and Saúl Contreras. The project manager is Father José Antonio Fernández.

The cast is composed of 27 actors and actresses, an orchestra of 18 musicians, a choir of 13 singers and a dance team of 13 components.

The musical, whose script and screenplay are original, is part of the activities planned by the Diocese of Cuenca on the occasion of the celebration of the World Youth Day, which will be held in Madrid in August this year.

The team has already begun a tour in other Spanish Dioceses, in addition to repeat the performance again in Cuenca on August the 13th, on the previous days to the WYD, when the city will be host to over 2,000 young people from different countries. After this, the musical will be represented in Madrid for the WYD on the 17th.

In addition, during the musical’s preparation process, a CD was recorded with 14 songs for sale in different stores in Cuenca and other Spanish cities. The CD includes the 13 songs from the musical plus the song presented for the WYD, “ Firmes en la Fe”.

The trailer